Shrimp and Grits - local grits with shrimp in a mini ramekin
Shrimp Salad Crostini - shrimp, scallion, red peppers, cilantro, parsley, old bay, lemon & mayo mixture
Peel & Eat Shrimp - steamed with cocktail & herb butter sauce
Shrimp Cocktail - traditional, peeled & chilled served with cocktail sauce
Grilled Shrimp Skewers
Mini Shrimp Burgers - served on silver dollar bun with micro greens & remoulade sauce
Crab Salad Crostini
Shrimp & Prosciutto Skewers - wrapped with prosciutto & grilled with dipping sauce

Warm Crab Dip – bubbly crab dip with crackers
Crab Wontons - Wonton filled with local crab, scallion, peppers, & cream cheese then sautéed
Crab & Mushroom Mini Ravioli - served with white cream and sherry sauce
Crab Cakes - Lowcountry favorite seared and served with remoulade
Crab Stuffed Mushrooms - Button mushrooms stuffed with crab, scallion, cheese and baked to bubbly

Grilled Oysters - local singles topped with herb butter, parmesan, & dash of hot sauce & grilled
Smoked Oysters - local cluster or singles placed smoker just opened and smoky center
Oyster Stew - cream & oysters with seasoning
Oyster Shooters - shot glass rim seasoned & filled with bloody mary mix, & a single oyster
Steamed Oysters - steam and serve with cocktail and butter sauce
Oysters Half Shell - raw with horseradish, lemon & cracker

Smoked Salmon Platter - Salmon, capers, onion, cream cheese, pickle & crackers
Salmon Mousse Pea Pods – tender pea pods piped with fresh salmon mousse
Smoked Tuna Dip - served with pita chips or on toast points
Smoked Local Fish Fillet - smoked fillet of fresh catch served according to type of fish

Popular Skewers

Caprese Skewers - Small skewers with cherry tomato, basil leaf, & mozzarella ball
Antipasto Skewers - mixed skewers with salami, cherry tomato, white cheddar, olives, marinated peppers & herb olive oil drizzle
Chicken Kabobs - mini skewers with chicken & veggies grilled & served with a dipping sauce of choice
Veggie Kabobs - type of veggie depends on seasonal vegetables
Fruit Kabobs - seasonal fruit cut, skewered & garnished with a mint leaf
Satay Skewers - Chicken, Beef or Shrimp Sesame

Favorite Stuffers

Stuffed Peppers - Mini tri color peppers with sweet italian sausage dusted with parmesan cheese
Stuffed Mushrooms - cream cheese, bacon & scallions
Stuffed Zucchini – Green zucchini strips or cups filled with caramelized onion, garlic & goat cheese
BBQ Wontons - Baked wonton cups two ways 1) pulled pork & 2) chicken - both with slaw and sauce

Family Recipe Salads

Chicken Salad - Fresh chicken salad wrapped in bibb lettuce / We could use endive instead
Chicken Salad Crostini - chicken, pecans, parsley, green apple, celery seed, green onion
Ham Salad - Mini rye sandwich, or cucumber rounds, or crispy wonton cups
Cucumber with Salad - Cucumber rings topped with choice of ham or chicken salads, & micro greens